When envisioning your custom cake why not consider a stunning and elegant black cake?

Black cakes are romantic, moody, unique and add depth to any design.

They make a real statement and are something your guests won’t forget!

Black custom cakes are a little moodier and verging on sultry but also opulent and sophisticated.

Below are 10 Black custom cakes to envy, you will see how versatile a black cake can be. Think little black dress- its a staple with limitless design options.

Custom Cake number 1:

We designed the below black custom cake for the French beauty academy celebration.

A simple black ganache finished cake with rough edge and gold leaf.

Our friends at Willow and Co created a custom topper as a keepsake for the occasion, and Moss and Stone provided the most beautiful roses which we placed on top of this sweet black custom cake.

Custom Cake number 2:

Tamara turned thirty! Black and navy was the brief, a rich black cake with silver leaf details and a navy blue chocolate drip.

A custom silver ’thirty’ topper and a chocolate crown to sit pretty up top.

Custom Cake number 3:

Wedding cakes come in all different sizes, designs and finishes and for this couple we created a custom cake and cupcake wedding tower.

Their colour scheme was Black, red, white and gold and we created a mixture of mini and regular custom cupcakes in mixed flavours to suit the main wedding cake.

The wedding cake was a black ganache finish with gold leaf and hand made sugar flowers.

We designed the matching cupcakes to tie in with the cake design, and opted for this over a traditional wedding cake as its simple yet effective and also a great option for the budget conscious.

Being able to scale the size of cake up or down and using a mixture of cupcake sizes to suit.

Custom Cake number 4:

Our design brief for this special 40th birthday cake was cranes!

We had our friends at Willow Print Co design a custom crane cake topper with a number 40 wrecking ball and used an edible print of a skyline to wrap the base of cake.

Our custom mans birthday cake was finished with stencil details and added texture.

Custom Cake number 5:

Such an elegant 40th birthday cake, three tier black ganache finished cake with stencil detailing and textured elements.

A bespoke design with a custom number40, gold leaf and adorning orchids.

Custom Cake number 6 and 7:

Simplistic, minimalistic. A blank canvas ready to add a range of design elements.

This custom cake has a black smooth finish, we used ganache for the exterior of this cake

and hand rolled fondant decorative balls, individually hand painted each of them and placed onto the cake.

The overall result is simply stunning and all edible.

Custom Cake number 8:

Three tiers of beautifully finished ganache cake and abstract cake height.

Gold fleck painted elements, stencil details and a smooth finish with drip decorative details and fresh blooms.

Custom Cake number 9:

A black wedding cake is always a yes from us! unique and a real statement.

We created a dessert banquet with our stunning black cake sitting up front and centre.

Black smooth ganache exterior, gold and painted flecks and a hand painted gold drip.

fresh blooms flexed to create an overall softness.

Custom Cake number 10:

A custom cake for a black red and gold themed intimate elopement.

two tiers of black elegance finished with loads of gold leaf, a rough edge finish and fresh roses.

Love! such a wow factor custom cake.